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The team behind the design of the Pro-Neck-Tor™ technology is currently gathering feedback from the various sporting communities. If you would like to contribute your thoughts, please email Dr. Cripton at cripton@mech.ubc.ca.

Head-first impacts in football can have a devastating effect, and the CFLPA is supportive of research that investigates possible solutions that may reduce the risk of injuries and be appropriate for our members.

Stu Laird,
President, Canadian Football League Players Association (CFLPA)

Neck injuries are often very serious in all sports and can be career ending. The Pro-Neck-Torâ„¢ helmet is specifically designed to prevent neck injuries, this could be a piece of equipment that Alpine Ontario would endorse and recommend to all of our athletes. Alpine Ontario is interested promoting products that improve the safety of our sport.

Nancy L. Esson,
President, Alpine Ontario Alpin

If the Pro-Neck-Torâ„¢ helmet can be shown to be effective at preventing spinal injuries in football it could revolutionize football equipment. It would be a great to prevent injuries to football players worldwide this way.

Rylan Hincks,
Head Coach of the Vancouver Trojans Midget Football team, Vancouver Minor Football League

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) applauds the University of British Columbia's efforts to develop new technologies with the potential to enhance the safety afforded by bicycling helmets. IMBA's 35,000 individual members and more than 700 affiliated clubs have a strong interest in research that could help reduce spinal cord injuries from head-first impacts.

Mark Eller,
IMBA Communications director